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frigid shoot

 As we all know living in Minnesota the weather can be very unpredictable.  This shoot took place in early February. 
We planned for the snowy-wintery wedding look and got a frigid cold day with temps in the negative. 
Kelly was a trooper and clinged close to Mike as they posed, kissed, and smiled.  Aren't they the cutest!?  
We started out at Roselawn Stables in St. Francis then headed to a private property in Isanti overlooking Long Lake.

This was our very first copper arch that we built (it's under all those greens and blooms somewhere). 

We selected our favorite jewel-toned blooms to accentuate the rich velvet accents. 

Amy's Cupcake Shoppemade sweet little naked cakes.
​​Leah Fontaine Photography captured all the details.  Always a treat working with her.

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